Introducing Strength & Flexibility Training for Young Dancers and Athletes at TAB Fitness—our program to help create stronger, safer, and more confident, captivating dancers.

Rhonda is obsessed with the strength, efficiency and beauty of dance movement. Her two-decade career as a performer, an instructor at the University of Toronto, certified trainer and ultimately designer of dance-inspired classes at her own studio, TAB has led her to create Strength Conditioning for Young Dancers. We use very light weights, stability balls, one’s own body weight, and other appropriate techniques. The goal is lengthening of muscle not bulking up. With this program, she wants to help young dancers deliver on what their choreographers want.

We focus on improving upper body strength, core and stabilizing musculature —which most young dancers lack, and creating a deep understanding of the muscles that allow for particular movements. This lets a dancer execute more confidently and drastically mitigates injury. Our goal is to provide the best chance for a long, enjoyable, dance career and later a life as an active and able adult with no regrets.