Having been a student of Rhonda’s as a child into adulthood, I have experienced her passion and love of teaching firsthand. She instilled a love of dance in me and taught me how to move in a variety of ways to make me a versatile dancer and now teacher myself. She brings a wealth of experience and a unique vibe to any classroom. Rhonda is a well rounded teacher who is not only technically able to instruct, but also bring forth a performance quality and fullness of movement to her classes.

Rhonda uses her high energy, encouraging manner and extensive body knowledge to successfully motivate clients of all levels to expand their movement potential, increase their physical fitness, and attend to their well being.

Rhonda is by far one of the most inspired health and wellness professionals I’ve ever encountered. Her holistic and balanced approach to conditioning works its way into every aspect of your life leaving you feeling stronger inside and out. Not to mention you’ll have a blast all the while!

I have had the unique opportunity to both work with Rhonda and be her friend. I can attest to how fun, patient, creative and enthusiastic Rhonda is. She has the ability to bring lightness and fun into pretty much anything she does! She is immensely capable and her awareness of fitness and health have always been top notch.